If it wasn’t for summer, this would undoubtedly be the best time of the year. It’s the season of togetherness, the season of giving, and the season of bonding with family & old friends and spreading love & joy to all.
Some of you, however, will most likely ruin everything by waiting until Christmas Eve to scurry out in search of the perfect gift for your loved ones; only to be crestfallen when you find out the only gas station/sub shop that’s still open doesn’t sell diamond earrings or the new X-Box. We here at TidalBall want you to know that we’re here to help. You don’t have to wrap up that bottle of Turning Gut red wine and the jumbo sack of beef jerky. Avoid the resentment and self-loathing that would follow that scenario by clicking through the BUY TidalBall page now, and get your friends and family the most amazing gift out there; delivered right to your doorstep. They’ll cherish this amazing gift year-round and think of you every time they think of a warm breeze cascading over the crisp waves of the ocean, engulfing their mind and body in the relaxing bliss that can only come from the beach.
It’s perfect for your budget, it’s thoughtful, it couldn’t be any easier to purchase, and most importantly- you’ll get to play.

Merry Christmas!  

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