Wind, rain, hurricanes, and reports of scattered Sharknadoes postponed the original date for the Folly Beach Sea & Sand Festival, but the make up date could not have been cooler. The big festival that brings all the locals the tourists out of the woodwork and the sand dunes just took place last weekend. It was a huge success for TidalBall and the entire Folly Beach community. The TidalBall Crew unloaded over fifty brand new sets to lucky people from all over the country, and now they can spread the joy of hitting that sweet number 21 before the competition robs them of that winning feeling. We had a blast and the entire city appeared to be about two beers past happy after all was said and done.
A big thank you goes out to Ben Bounds (@FollywoodBen, @FollyBeachFesty) for putting on the chillest and most unbelievably smooth vendor festival of the year. Also, thank you Jessica from Avocet Properties for hooking us up with THE best place to stay on Folly- 110 Water's Edge on West 2nd. All of our friends that came by and all of the new (and old) fans that we met helped make the day one to remember, for at least another 364 days.
Enjoy the game folks and remember to play by that one very important rule- just have fun (and also score 21 points before your opponent, alternate tosses, don't step on the course, and make a ridiculous bet every single time you play).

Thanks again from your friends at TidalBall.    

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