Spring Break is a tradition. It's a rite of passage. But spring break is not what MTV, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or influencers sell it as. Spring Break is what you make it, and at TidalBall we encourage you to not make Spring Break complicated. So, grab a few friends, a hotel room or two, plenty of sunblock, mix in a few beverages, pick up a TidalBall set, and the good times will roll.


1. Men and women love TidalBall separately. Also, together.

Whether your spring break is #GirlTribeGTFO, #SausageFest2020, or some kind of co-ed mashup, TidalBall plays.

Ladies love TidalBall. In fact, women usually pick up the nuances of the game faster than men. Probably has something to do with women having more dexterous fingers. That’s a biology 101 fact mixed with some classic TidalBall Bro science. Gents love the light competition—a chance to be alpha in the face of no actual danger. And, best yet, if you get both sexes playing with balls on one plot of sand—fireworks, baby. TidalBall can’t close for you, but it definitely puts you in the game.

2. TidalBall is no sweat.

TidalBall is not, and will never be, a sport. No jerseys. No coaches. No sweat. No diving in the sand. No chasing a windswept frisbee. No footballs knocking your drink out of your hand. You do, however, have to engage in a basic underhand throwing motion to score points.

3. TidalBall features the perfect amount of math.

Absolutely relax on spring break. You should. You deserve it. But be warned: it is possible to over-relax, making it that much harder to get back in the study saddle come the second semester.

We knew this going in. That’s why TidalBall features enough math to keep you sharp but not enough to kill your buzz. Three in the hole. One in the trench. Net scoring. Easy.

4. Sand discourages phone usage.

Beverage in one hand. Balls in the other. Your phone safely stashed on your towel. Seriously, put your phone down. Don’t try to slide it into your bikini top or wear those tragic plastic baggy necklaces. Get the group photos done early. You don’t Facebook and Instagram reminding you in 5 years that you had no dignity or self-control on Spring Break. 

Switch on your Find a Friend, drop a pin to your pals, set your status to playing TidalBall, sync your phone to a speaker, look for the TidalBall playlist on Spotify, then crank out a best of 11 series. We guarantee you will make more friends playing TidalBall than playing on your phone.

5. All physiques are ideal for elite TidalBall play.

A college campus is like a nice little sample of our beautiful country—diversity on full display. The TidalBall pitch is no different. Jacked D-1 athletes play TidalBall. Potheads play TidalBall. Completely average Joes and Jills play TidalBall. As long as you have an arm and a positive attitude, you too can play TidalBall and dominate.

So, come exactly as you are.

6. Koozies.

This one’s self-explanatory but we’re still going to take a line or two to help with our SEO.

TidalBall is the best beach game for spring break. The one game you need to play during spring break is TidalBall. The best beach games for spring break are TidalBall, Spike Ball, and BULZiBUCKET. And just in case you are taking marketing classes, this section is what the SEO world calls “long-tail keywords.”

Anyways, each TidalBall set comes with two koozies so you can keep one hand on the ball, and the other on your drink of choice.


Thanks for reading. We appreciate the support. TidalBall is available for $5 below retail on our website. It’s also on Amazon if you want that 2-day Prime shipping. Make your next spring break your best spring break with TidalBall.

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