As America’s Beach Game, we honor our forefathers of fun by championing TidalBall as the superior beach game from sea to shining sea. Please don’t take this as disrespect, but rather a spirited competition with other worthy past-times.

This month, we are going to kick a dead horse. Giddy up for 10 Reasons Why TidalBall is a Better Beach Game Than Horseshoes.


1. TidalBall is the best beach game because it’s not the year 1780. 

No sun-loving beachgoer wants to play a game from the time of powdered wigs and wooden teeth. We can respect the past without repeating it.

So, drop the horseshoes. Play TidalBall, a beach game engineered for today.

2. No lugging around heavy steel rods like some medieval serial killer.

TidalBall is a fun beach game made from light, beach-friendly materials. The bag is mesh. The balls are buoyant. The fun is guaranteed.

Horseshoes, on the other hand, requires you to carry around a set of supplies that's more suited for a dungeon. Nothing fun happens in dungeons.

3. TidalBall doesn’t require you to wrestle a horse to steal its shoes.

Between work, play, and staring at your phone, you don't have time to wrestle a horse. Also, horses kick. Hard.

Instead, just head to the closet and grab your easy-to-carry TidalBall set.

4. TidalBall has a superior design for the beach.

TidalBall's straight-forward design and impressive science mean that your balls won't get water-logged (they float!) or infiltrated by millions of grains of sand.

But horseshoes? Forget about it. That rusty metal will eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean or plummet deep into the sand.

5. Completely chill if someone runs through your game. 

On a busy beach, you're likely to have people cross through the area you've staked out for TidalBall. When a toddler runs across the TidalBall course, no worries.

When a toddler runs across a horseshoe course, at the wrong time…worries. And maybe a lawsuit.

6. TidalBall is friendly and young. Horseshoes is grumpy and old.

When you play TidalBall, you have fun. Fun attracts fun and happy people.

Horseshoes will only attract people that can spot the difference between a Western saddle and a European saddle—emphasis on “sad.” 

7. TidalBall shows you have spunk. Horseshoes shows you have one foot in the grave.

As the best beach game, TidalBall just screams “I have a zest for life!” And “I appreciate innovation.”

Sadly, horseshoes just whimpers “I've given up.”

8. Close should never count.

With TidalBall, you either score or you don’t. There’s no such thing as “closer.” It’s one point in the hole and three points in the trench. No measuring. No nonsense.

Horseshoes rewards the best throw of the bunch, even if the best throw is objectively a bad throw. Lame.

9. You can play TidalBall all day.

If you're playing horseshoes and consuming adult beverages, eventually an errant throw will prompt someone to say, “…Probably time to put the irons down.”

The last TidalBall you throw is as safe as the first one, meaning you can play safely even if you imbibe.

10. TidalBall is easier to explain to TSA.

When your vacation is done and you’re heading back to colder climes, there's no need to make someone understand why you have half a dozen heavy projectiles in your bag.

An entire TidalBall set only weighs about 10 oz, making it easy to pack it in your suitcase or carry-on.


With all these reasons to choose TidalBall over horseshoes, why would you lug those heavy things to the beach? Ever? Order your TidalBall set today at TidalBall.com for a superior beach game experience.

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