Simple Family Vacation Fun

By: Tommy Reilly (4.22.16)

As a child, the annual family vacation was the highlight of my year.  Nostalgic recollections of warm summer nights, large family seafood dinners, & of course hours upon hours of beach activities still fill my adolescent memories.  Growing up, we‚Äôd squeeze every waking hour of sunlight out of the day playing stick ball, badminton, volleyball, & bocce ball at the beach. You name it, we did it.

As warm weather begins to fill our hearts and minds with mental images of summer vacation grandeur; I thought that it would be fun to evaluate several new twists on the old family beach game.  Games of yesteryear were loads of fun but they‚Äôre a bit outdated and often cumbersome to drag out to the shoreline.  Below are some new cost effective games & activities that your family should consider in 2016.

Beach Games

Waboba Balls¬Æ: $9.99 ‚Äì Who would have thought that a simple concept, a ball that floats and skips across water, would be so much fun?  Well it is.  Started in 2005, Woboba Balls are well worth their weight in fun.  Skipped across a breaking tide, the Woboba launches like it has been shot out of a cannon.  Make sure to buy a backup or two for your next trip to the beach.  

Rollors¬Æ: $49.95 ‚Äì Rollors is a beach game that you can also bring with you in the fall to your football tailgate.  Scored & played similar to bocce ball, Rollers are a modern take on the age old game that is definitely worth a try.

Spike Ball¬Æ: $53.00 ‚Äì Seen on the popular CNBC business show Shark Tank, Spike Ball is a great game for adults and middle aged kids alike.   Soft sands make for ideal playing /diving conditions & the game sets up in seconds.  Their vision is ‚Äúto build a community around the next great American sport,‚Äù and they‚Äôve developed a great family friendly game that you can play at either the beach or park.

KanJam (Glow) ¬Æ: $59.98 ‚Äì Started in 2006, KanJam is a fun new Frisbee game that you‚Äôll see being played at tailgates & school gymnasiums across the country.  Ideal in size and simple to play, this game has always been a fun family activity.  This year I‚Äôd recommend giving their glow-in-the-dark KanJam set a try.  Start your next game at sunset and continue into the night.

TidalBall¬Æ: $19.99 ‚Äì Born on the white sand beaches of the Carolinas, TidalBall is a beach game that is great for all ages.  Only weighing 10 oz., this game is probably the easiest game to add to your beach bag repertoire.   Your day at the beach will start with the kids playing & end with the adults taking over.  The game is a combination of bocce and skeeball. We‚Äôd recommend playing on firm / fast sand for an ‚ÄúAugusta National Green‚Äù like experience.  

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