In 2012, the three of us have had a blast getting all of the elements in place to start Tidalball.  Taking a game that we personally play in our free-time & turning it into a commercial product has been a journey.  Before we launch Tidalball in '13 we thought that it would be good to review this year's highlights.  

1. NASSAU, BAHAMAS: Girls, Sun, TidalBall & Fun make this our trip of the year.  Breaking virgin ground, TidalBall took root on the pristine beaches of Nassau.  We met some great people and had a blast.

2. MORRIS ISLAND, SC: Drinks in hand we set sail for Morris Island off the coast of Charleston, SC.  The TidalBall Crew got housed after slapping the bag of Franzia's Finest one too many times.

3. ISLE OF PALMS, SC: Stuck with the urgent need to get the '12 TidalBall Season off to a great start, the Crew took a beach "business trip" to I.O.P.   Nothing beats a TidalBall vacation with friends and copious amounts of booze.

4. SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC: The South Carolina sands make for the perfect TidalBall court.  Across from Sullivan's famous Poe's Tavern, the Crew set up shop on the beach.  One of our favorite trips; we introduced TidalBall to groups of beach dwellers. Looking forward to a return trip in 2013.

5. LAKE NORMAN, NC: Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, Lake Norman is one of North Carolina's finest lakes.  Famous for their "tops optional" boat tie-ups, LKN was perfect for TidalBall.  On that 4th of July weekend we spent hour after hour playing TidalBall on a deserted lake island. Great times, see y'all again soon.


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