How to Play

Surface: Usually played on the beach, Tidalball can also be played on any firm surface (sand, short grass, or dirt). Similar to other games like horseshoes or cornhole, it can be played with either 2 or 4 players.  So grab a few beers and follow the directions below:

Scoring: 3 Points - a Tidalball that enters and stays in the opposing hole.  1 Point - a TidalBall that enters and stays in the opposing trench

Game Play: Each team has 3 TidalBalls of the same color; all 6 TidalBalls begin on the same side.  The first team begins by rolling or throwing a TidalBall at the opposing hole & trench.  Each player will take alternative rolls until 6 TidalBalls have been tossed.  The scoring is totaled each round by cancel-out scoring.  Play continues with the opposing side taking their turn, with the team scoring most recently throwing first.  New rounds continue until a team reaches a total of 21 points.  There is no penalty for going over.  Avoid stepping on the course at all costs. 

How to play Tidalball