5 Theories Why Women are Naturally Better At TidalBall

Since the invention of TidalBall, we’ve observed that women naturally pick up America’s Beach Game faster than their male counterparts. Although we have not performed statistical studies, we have some theories.

5: Women are more dexterous than men. That’s an SAT word word for finer finger motor skills. It’s science.
4: They remember to put on and reapply sunblock. Thus, they are more hydrated and perform at a higher level. Also science.
3: Boys have always been and always will be scared of losing to girls at sports. Also science.
2: Women are less distracted by other bikini clad ladies. Definitely science.
1: Women relish beating the boys. Men have nothing to gain by winning. That’s a typical male excuse.

Don’t let the TidalBlog settle the debate. Go boys vs girls this Memorial Day weekend and let us know who TidalBalls the best.

See ya’ll at the beach,

- The TidalBall Crew

TidalBall's Only Rule is...

...to have fun!  2016 is off to a great start and we'd like to take this post to thank our loyal fans.  We've had a tremendous turnout for all of our spring festivals our online customers have been great.  Here are a few of our favorite customer submitted photos that we'd like to share with everyone.  

Thanks for your support and continue to #TidalBall & #AmericasBeachGame on any social platform. 

New Retail Locations on Folly Beach

TidalBall is proud to announce that we are now retailing America's Beach Game at three Center Street locations: Aqua, Beachwear & Gifts, & Palms.   All three locations are part of the Blue Coast Inc. family & located at the heart of Folly Beach along both sides of Center St.   To learn more visit their website here.  #Follybeach #tidalball #charleston #beach

Palms: 13 Center St. Folly Beach, SC

Beachwear: 16 Center St. Folly Beach, SC

Aqua: 17 Center St. Folly Beach, SC