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You don't know it right now, but this is a watershed moment in your beach life. Buy TidalBall, and the rest of your days on the beach will revolve around laughter, shenanigans, and the simple joy that is TidalBall. Wuss out, and you will probably just spend the sad remainder of your beach life checking your phone between boredom naps. You don't want that for you. We don't want that for you. So add a set to your cart, choose your two favorite colors in the PayPal portal (school pride, pro team, brightest available- anything), and get ready for an epic summer.  

Current Colors in Stock: Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Black, & White.

*free shipping only applies to domestic orders.  International orders are subject to additional freight charges.

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If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us via the form below or TidalBall@gmail.com.  Thanks for your interest and helping us 'Keep TidalBall Rolling'.

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The TidalBall Crew

Tommy Reilly - CEO

Greg Merritt - CFO

  Lee Falardeau - COO

Lee Falardeau - COO

  Chad Brophy - CMO

Chad Brophy - CMO

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